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Carpet Bleach Repairs and Spot Dyeing

Carpet Spot Dyeing is a colouring technique used when your carpet or rug has had bleach or chemical spilled on it or your carpets have faded due to sun damage or urine stains. The purpose of spot dyeing bleached or faded areas of your carpet or rugs is to blend the spot dyed area into your existing carpet creating a better appearance and in some cases completely removing the visible spot.

Picture of before and after of bleach stain on carpet fixed

How to fix Bleach Stains on Carpet

Bleach stains can be caused by a number of chemicals and also sun fading, but what do you do if you have spilled something that could bleach your carpet.
If bleach has been spilled on your carpet DO NOT ADD WATER this will spread the bleach and create a larger area that the chemical can affect. Please call Melbourne Carpet Dyeing on (inset number here) for advice or to Dye the affect area.

Picture of before and after of bleach stain on carpet fixed

10 Common Products that Bleach Your Carpet

  • Peroxide
  • Pet Urine
  • Household Bleach
  • Acne Medicine
  • Over Use of Household Stain Removers
  • Sun – Sunfading.
  • Pesticides and fertilizer
  • Teeth whiteners
  • Oxi Products
  • Toilet Bowl Cleaners.

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    Awesome carpet cleaning service. Carpets look new again. Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Great value for money.
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