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Clean & Colour Your Carpets

Colour cleans are an amazing way to rejuvenate your existing carpet colour. All carpet loses 3% of its colour each year. Colour cleans are a fascinating process adding lost colour to your carpet while we are cleaning them.
Colour cleans and carpet colour restorations are similar but differ in the process of how we apply the dyes. When doing a colour clean we add just enough dye into the clean water to replace a small amount of colour (dye) that has been lost yearly, rejuvenating the colour of your carpet. It’s quite amazing.
Colour cleans are a unique service. colour cleans are for new or aged carpet that the owners would like to keep in excellent condition. A colour clean would be considered a maintenance service to extend your carpets lifetime.

All carpet lose a percentage of colour each year. A colour clean is an affordable way to maintain its original colour resulting in your carpet with a fresh vibrant new look because of the missing colours that have now been restored.
This means that you will be able to avoid more costly replacement services in the future by maintaining a schedule of colour cleans throughout the life of your carpet.
We offer colour clean services for your home, office, and vehicle. Wherever you may have carpeting, Melbourne Carpet Dyeing can keep it looking as good as new with our unique colour clean process.
A colour clean can save you time and money by completing the cleaning and dying process as one. The dyes are set within seconds and are completely permanent. Your carpet can be walked on immediately without the fear of dye transfer or colour loss or over wet carpet. The results of this process are absolutely amazing and will keep your carpets looking clean and fresh for much longer than they would without Melbourne Carpet Dyeing.
Carpet cleaners do not have the training, knowledge or understanding with extreme stain removal. Once stains are reduced, we can re-dye the area to match the surrounding area.

Stains that we can remove with a 99% certainty:

  • red wine stains
  • fruit juice
  • ink
  • blood
  • wine

Restoring Carpets Colour & Carpet Repair

Carpet colour repair & restorations via carpet dyeing is an amazing way to restore the lost colour from your carpet or rug. All carpet loses about 3% of its colour each year making your carpet lack the plush vibrant and brilliance it was designed with. Years of environmental wear plus the strains of high alkaline surfactants will pull colour from your carpet. At Melbourne Carpet Dyeing we can repair this issue by restoring the lost colour with carpet dyeing. Our carpet dyes are 100% colourfast and will not wash out. Color restorations will save you anywhere from 65%-75% in comparison to the replacement cost of new carpet. Dyeing is also considered to be an environmentally wise choice. Keep and restore what you have instead of throwing away to buy new carpets.

Restore your existing carpet colour

Change My Carpets Colour!

Carpets can change colour with our help of course. Did you know that? We can change the colour of any carpet as long as it’s dyeable (nylon or wool). We always need to take into account the current colour of your carpet. While changing colour is desirable there are some circumstances that will not permit us to change the colour. In that case, we will offer a colour restoration.

“We are dyeing to save your carpet and leather ……”

dyeing restores what’s been lost.

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    Kaz Pete Clarke
    Very friendly and professional service. Great results, definitely consider calling these girls. Highly recommended 👍👍read more
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    Michael Brewer
    Very easy and great experience... carpets come up amazing, thanks so much!!
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    Aimee Anderson
    Awesome carpet cleaning service. Carpets look new again. Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Great value for money.
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    Jill Blacker
    Amazing job! I am inlove with the results of my couch. Looks brand new again. Thanks girls.
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    Laura May Moran
    Thank you so much Sharon and Hayley for cleaning and dyeing our carpets. They have come up amazing. I cannot recommend these ladies services enough their knowledge & expertise were second to none. I was so impressed I had the ladies come back the following week to have my tile grouts cleaned. If your looking for great work and excellent service look no further. I promise you, you will not be disappointed. 😊read more
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    Melina Davies
    Girls are awesome they do a great job and I highly recommended them.
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    Fantastic clean and practises are very hygienic. I highly recommend Sharon and Hayley. Awesome job!

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MCD is dyeing to save your carpets and leather...
dyeing restores what’s been lost